DC Comics Characters

All you need to know about DC Comics

Who is DC Comics?

General information

Founded: 1934

Founder: Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson

Country of Origin: United States

Official website: dccomics.com

Main heroes


Batman - DC Comics

Name: Bruce Wayne

Power: Bruce Wayne does not have any super-powers but has exceptional martial art and combat skills and access to very advanced technology

Base of Operations: Gotham City


Superman - DC Comics

Name: Kal-El (Alien name), Clark Joseph Kent (Earth Name)

Power: As an alien, Superman has super strength, the power of flight, invulnerability, super speed, heat vision, freeze breath, x-ray vision, superhuman hearing and healing factor.

Base of operations: Metropolis

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman - DC Comics

Name: Diana

Power: Wonder Woman benefits from super strength, invulnerability, flight, superhuman agility, healing factor and has access to magic weaponry.

Origin: Amazon Princess

Green Lantern

Green Lantern - DC Comics

Name: Hal Jordan

Power: Can use hard light to construct weapons, tools and force fields.

Base of operations: Coast City

Other notable characters:

The Flash, Robin, Aquaman, Cyborg, Raven, Atom, …

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