Mr & Mrs X #1

Mr. & Mrs. X officially announced by Marvel Comics!

Mr. & Mrs X.

What was until now known as X-Classified has been officially disclosed as Mr. & Mrs. X.

Last week, the comics news site bleedingcool had released information about the title. It has now been confirmed by Marvel on their website.

What we know about Mr. & Mrs. X #1

Here is the information that has been released about the title:

Mr. & Mrs. X #1 CoverTitle: Mr & Mrs X #1Writer: Kelly Thompson

Artist: Oscar Bazaldua

Release date: July 25 2018

Price: $3.99 USD

Main characters: Gambit and Rogue.

What we know about the Mr. & Mrs. X series

Here’s what Marvel wrote on the comic book page:

LOVE & MARRIAGE PART 1! Straight from the pages of X-MEN GOLD…to the surprise of everyone, the Marvel Universe’s hottest couple has finally tied the knot! In their extraordinary lives, they’ve faced nearly every challenge imaginable, but how will they fare against former flames making trouble? An entire galaxy in jeopardy? You want it? We got it, as Kelly Thompson (HAWKEYE, ROGUE & GAMBIT) and Oscar Bazaldua (SPIDER-MAN, STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE) bring you the tantalizing tale of a modern marriage…X-MEN STYLE!

Since they also released the covers for #2 showing Deadpool, we already know that he will be part of the series.

That would seem to confirm that we will be seeing a lot more than just Gambit and Rogue, and that that series will probably feature other heroes as well.

Here are the covers for #2 and #3:

Mr. & Mrs. X #2 CoverMr. & Mrs. X #3 Cover

If you haven’t already, you are welcome to drop by our Montreal Comic book store to order your copy or sign yourself up for the entire series.